User subroutine to generate element output.

User subroutine UVARM:

  • will be called at all material calculation points of elements for which the material definition includes the specification of user-defined output variables;

  • may be called multiple times for each material point in an increment, as Abaqus/Standard iterates to a converged solution;

  • will be called for each increment in a step;

  • allows you to define output quantities that are functions of any of the available integration point quantities listed in the Output Variable Identifiers table (Using Abaqus/Standard output variable identifiers);

  • allows you to define the material directions as output variables;

  • can be used for gasket elements;

  • can call utility routine GETVRM to access material point data;

  • cannot be used with linear perturbation procedures; and

  • cannot be updated in the zero increment.

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