About user subroutines and utilities

User subroutines:

  • are provided to increase the functionality of several Abaqus capabilities for which the usual data input methods alone may be too restrictive;

  • provide an extremely powerful and flexible tool for analysis;

  • are written as C, C++, or Fortran code and must be included in a model when you execute the analysis, as discussed below;

  • must be included and, if desired, can be revised in a restarted run, since they are not saved to the restart files (see Restarting an analysis);

  • cannot be called one from another; and

  • can in some cases call utility routines that are also available in Abaqus.

The available user subroutines for Abaqus are listed in Abaqus/Standard User Subroutines and Abaqus/Explicit User Subroutines.

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