Script Entry Points

In Tosca Structure Scripts might be specified at several positions in the Tosca Structure optimization workflow.

This page discusses:

Tosca Structure Workflow

Adding user defined scripts, called Hooks, to the Tosca Structure workflow is possible before and after every module shown in the figure below.

A simple example for adding such a script is

      driver.registerModuleHook( ToscaModules.TOSCA_PREP, HookTypes.PRE, EventTimes.EVER, "user_script.bat" )

More details regarding Hooks can be found here: User Script Entry Points.

Adding Files to the Working Directory

An often needed functionality is to have the script files or other files copied into the working directory. The most simple way is to use the FEM_INPUT command COPY_FILE:

 ID_NAME = fem_input
 FILE = my_solver_file.ext
 COPY_FILE = file1.ext
 COPY_FILE = file2.ext


file1.ext and file2.ext must exist in the starting directory and both files are copied into the working directory right after starting Tosca Structure.